12 Tips on Leadership

1. Persistence is the most significant thing you can have as a leader.

2. Self-knowledge is important because you need to be aware of who and what you are before you can direct or motivate anyone else.

3. Risk-taking is relative. Leaders do not always feel risk is a part of their agenda but know it is part of their world.

4. Leaders don’t think of losses as losses. They think of them as learning experiences and challenges.

5. Consistency relates to how you do things. Quality, conscience and ethics team up to play an important part.

6. Commitment goes hand in hand with getting to the top.

7. Leaders need challenge. They don’t stagnate or live in status quo.

8. Perpetual learning is next, and if you aren’t learning, you’re not living.

9. Knowing and understanding the differences among people is what allows you to make accurate, important decisions which creates a motivational atmosphere and climate.

10. See interdependencies as vision in its finest form. To have this ability is to be blessed with a gift.

11. Visualization is important to the success, research and action of any project.

12. The ability to influence and persuade is what makes a true leader.

Remember, leaders are not born, they’re made. There is always room at the top, and anyone who wants to get there can learn the skills necessary to take others with them. You don’t win any friends or followers by using power for yourself, but rather giving it to others through their energies to use for the betterment of all.