3 Criteria to Choose Your Network of Followers

Often I am asked, how do I get people to follow me? It seems that people are confused as to the concept of Twitter and how you choose who to follow and how you get them to follow you back.

Choosing people to follow is typically the easy part, it requires time, focus and research. Learning how to get people to follow you back is a little more complicated.

With our clients here at Business Bragger, there are three criteria we use for choosing who to follow on our clients behalf:

  1. Are they a real person? You can check this by reviewing their twitter profile to ensure they have a picture, have their profile filled out and to check when they created their account.
  2. When did they Tweet last? Why follow someone who tweeted last year? if they haven’t tweeted within the last 48 hours they are probably not going to be a follower who tweets you back.
  3. What is the ration of Followers to Following? Now this can be a little tricky because large brands like Coca Cola, CNBC, Discovery Chanel, etc. will probably NEVER follow back their tweeps. However if you are a business who wants to drive ROI from using Twitter you need to be selective of who you follow to ensure you get followed back. If a business/person has 20,000 followers and is only following 250 people – not a good prospect to follow unless they are an expert in your industry of who you can re-tweet their information.

In the game of Twitter, unless you are a large well known brand, famous super star or spam account there is no reason to focus on the ‘number’ of people who are following you. It is a game of Quality not Quantity. It is more important to fill your Twitter pipeline/network with people who will be advocates for your company, who are interested in buying your product or who will refer you business.

I often say, I can do more with 500 followers, in fact we have done more with 500 followers who are the “right”followers than I can with 50,000 followers who will never buy or refer you business.