A Great Way to Increase Your Mailing List

What is an e-book and how does a business use these books to increase traffic and customers? An e-book is nothing more than a digital book you can read on your computer or other digital device. At Mountaintop University, we work with our clients to develop and produce short e-books… Read More!

Avoid these website redesign blunders

Excitement fills the air. You are almost ready to roll out your new website redesign. It is a great opportunity to freshen your brand, get customers interested, and increase your company size. You likely have a marketing campaign ready to launch with your new website design. Everything is ready to… Read More!

Are You Controlling Your Phone or Is It Controlling You?

Phone tag is one of the most frustrating time-traps for busy business owners. What if I could teach you a simple step you can take each day that will save you an hours each week? Would you be interested? I thought so! So here it is: Use the voice mail… Read More!

Complete Your Time Travel Audit

Is your business stuck in a time warp? Old technology, old software, bootleg software and even a dusty office? What do you do to take your business from an outdated presence to the innovative new technologies? Watch this short video as Daniel gives you insights for your business to grow. Read More!

A Business Tip for the Creative Mind

As an entrepreneur and Mom of two teenagers, I know what it is like to attempt to balance life, work and the dreaded car line at school. Thank goodness I am a careful driver as I could not imagine getting in an accident and stepping out of the car wearing… Read More!

The Price You Pay

The only limits you will ever experience are those you place on yourself. As a business owner, you must be prepared to give up your social life, much of your family life and concentrate on all the goodies of "getting there." But if you allow time for a good physical… Read More!

A New Beginning

Think about how you would handle things if you began each day as a new beginning. What would you do today if you knew you couldn't fail and it was the last day you had on earth? Would your priorities be different? Would there be people you wanted to speak… Read More!