EEO-1 Report – Who is Required to File? Are you?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission collects workforce data from employers with more than 100 employees (lower thresholds apply to federal contractors). Employers meeting the reporting thresholds have a legal obligation to provide the data; it is not voluntary. The data is collected and is used for a variety of purposes… Read More!

Defining Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Bio on our speaker, Barbara Flynn Certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources back in 2002, this is the highest obtainable credential in the human resources profession. She brings over 30 years of experience as an HR professional. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Barry University - teaching… Read More!

Employees Accessing Their Files

Have you have been asked by an employee to review their personnel file? How did you answer them?Here's the general rule. Employers should treat all personnel files as they would treat any other sensitive company documents. They should be kept locked in a cabinet/room where only those authorized access to… Read More!

Are You in Compliance With Federal and State Wage and Hour Laws?

Do all of your employees receive a salary? Are you certain that they all should be paid a salary? Why are you paying employees salaries instead of a per hour wage? The US Department of Labor sets specific guidelines on when to pay employees a salary and when to pay… Read More!

Consent for Background Checks

Conducting a background check must be done properly. There are many laws governing how one proceeds with an investigation. These laws vary from state to state. It is important that they be conducted properly. I advise using an experienced, knowledgeable organization to ensure compliance with both federal and state laws.… Read More!