Assertive Management

Assertive management lends itself to today's healthy attitudes. We all know that today's consumers are better educated, more aware, and certainly more sophisticated than ever before. At no other time have they had more rights or more champions in their corners. They want quality and they want service the first… Read More!

Who Are You?

As an entrepreneur, you are able to make your own decisions. You will have risks that go along with that. It isn't a road that's easy to follow as there are many days of worry. However, you may prefer the days of worry and problems over the rigid structure of… Read More!

Three ways to have the courage of a business radical

In 2001, just months after buying my first business, and spending tens of thousands of dollars on renovations and system upgrades for it, the 9/11 terrorist attacks devastated the company's already tenuous cash flow. The business was a travel company, and the result of the attacks meant a contraction of… Read More!

Body Language and Winning Impressions

Understanding how we communicate is essential to developing a winning image. Did you know that 55% of all communication is body language? 38% is tone and only 7% are the words we say. Whenever any nonverbal behavior contradicts the verbal, it's the nonverbal that is likely to determine the impact… Read More!

How to Have a Winning Image

Whether you're a man or woman, image counts. And it's important to rememberthat image is not what you see in the mirror, it's what others see when theylook at you and usually in the first 30 seconds as I said above. Firstimpressions are important, and that's the reason you should… Read More!

Leaders without heart lead to hollow organizations

We know how important the heart is to our existence as human beings, and we certainly know what can happen when the heart is not functioning as it should. The same is true for businesses with leaders who attempt to lead without heart. When I think about leaders with heart,… Read More!

Questions for Goal Setters

In order to refine and distill your goals from the general to the specific, ask yourself these questions: 1. What are my skills and abilities? It's usually easier to do things we enjoy, but don't hesitate to visualize abilities you've developed in a role you consider a "hobby" for a… Read More!