How good are you at web content writing for skimmers and scanners

To put it another way, how well do you write web content for people who simply glance at, skim or pass their eyes across the page, barely reading a thing?If I am writing a heading for someone who actually reads, I might write: "I am an online copywriter specializing in… Read More!

New Innovations in the Marketplace

What new innovation is in our marketplace? Experience the power of innovation from the mind of Daniel Burrus: Read More!

In Customer Service Consulting, Disney’s Small World is Growing

From an original article written for the best selling book: The Disney Way by Brooks Barnes with the New York Times.* ORLANDO, Fla. - Maryland teachers were instructed to engage children by crouching and speaking to them at eye level. Chevrolet dealers were taught to think in theater metaphors: onstage,… Read More!

Individual Year End Tax Planning Moves

Year-End Tax Planning Moves for Individuals ? Increase the amount you set aside for next year in your employer's health flexible spending account (FSA) if you set aside too little for this year. Keep in mind that beginning next year, the maximum contribution to a health FSA will be $2,500.… Read More!

Leveraging Your On-line Presence

Whether you have an existing website for your business or thinking of designing one from scratch, where do you start? Will it be a do-it-yourself challenge for you or should you hire a professional? Listen in as Josh Glasser shares tips to developing a great on-line presence with a website… Read More!

Understanding Compilation, Review and Audit

What Services Do You Need? Compilation • CPA prepares financial statements from information provided by management (YOU). • A compilation is useful when limited in-house capabilities for preparing financial statements exist. • CPA takes a "common sense" approach. • No assurance that statements are in conformity with GAAP. Review •… Read More!

Paperless Environments & Web Portals

Paperless Environments and Web Portals Bonnie L. Mackey, CPA, CSEP, MBA, AEP® Clients consistently request customization and higher levels of technology in all businesses. By implementing a paperless environment and web portals, clients will be able to utilize this service as their safety deposit box for document storage. As technology… Read More!