Get Outdoors With The 3C’s!

Summer is officially here! For some this is the busiest time for their businesses and for others- not so much. The good news is whether your business is in season or not there's always an opportunity to get out and take your show on the road with the 3 C's.… Read More!

Advertising options that get your name in the community

What message do you wish to share with your community? Do you have an event you're hosting? Do you have a new product or service you need to advertising to the right market? Knowing how to get your message to the right target audience means you need to know you… Read More!

When a complaint is posted about YOU!

If you are actively using social media to build your brand and business, at some point someone will probably post something negative about you or your company. Here are 5 things you can do to minimize the impact and show you truly do care about your customers. 1. Set up… Read More!

Defining Your Target Market

What were the initial steps in defining your target market when your business first opened? Did you have a clear understanding of the target audience and who the paying clients really were? Too often, the process of establishing a target market is a hit or miss approach and a business… Read More!

How to Avoid a Burger King Moment

Did you hear? Burger King's Twitter account was hacked, and yes, to answer your next question inappropriate tweets were sent out. The online community reacted quickly - with humor, fear (a social media manager's nightmare!), and even indignation. Burger King's unfortunate Twitter incident lead to many unexpected posts on their… Read More!

In-Store Navigation is Finally Here

In-Store Navigation is Finally Here The retail drug store Walgreen's has been working with a company called aisle 411 to develop an in-store navigation system customers can use on their smart phones. Their mobile retail navigation app is currently being rolled out for smart phones in all 7,907 Walgreen's Drugstores… Read More!

Does Your Organization Have a Mobile Strategy to Accelerate Growth?

A lot of companies have mobile strategies, but they're often focused around smart phones and smart tablets. As such, they spend much time and money developing apps they can use within their enterprise. Realize, though, that mobility is far more than apps, and it's far more than tablets and smart… Read More!