Year End Tax Planning for Individuals

The time is now to get your tax plan together before DECEMBER 31st. With an uneasy economy, an election year and ever changing rules from the IRS, what can you do to ensure you have done everything possible to take advantage of some real savings? Spend time with us today… Read More!

So You Think You Can Make Them Independent Contractors?

You may want to think twice about doing it! The Internal Revenue Service has strict guidelines defining the difference between an Independent Contractor and an Employee. It is estimated that over 3 million workers are illegally misclassified as Independent Contractors. This is costing the Federal Government an estimated $300 Billion… Read More!

Florida Minimum Wage Increases by 36 cents effective January 1, 2012

Hot off the presses, Florida minimum wage is increasing by 36 cents per hour effective January 1, 2012. This increase takes effect just seven months after a 6 cent increase on June 1, 2011. What does this mean? Employers are going to have to review payroll and make adjustments to… Read More!

Importance of Pre-employment Screening

How honest are applicants on their resume? What are good pre-employment screening procedures? Pre-employment screening is more common these days than ever before. It's estimated that over 40% of resumes can contain false or 'tweaked' information. Employers want to insure that what they are getting in an employee is what… Read More!

A Pre-employment Horror Story

Yesterday I spoke about the importance of pre-employment screenings. Not to scare anyone or to have you think you are hiring the next "postal" worker but it should be taken seriously. As an owner one must take precautions to ensure the safety of not only the stakeholders within the organization… Read More!