Marketing Direct Sales – Your Ideal Customer

Who are you marketing to in your direct sales business? Have you ever said to yourself the great thing about what I sell is everyone can use it? Many of us in business feel that way but there is a huge problem this type of thinking can lead to. How… Read More!

What was life really like for women in the 1950’s?

Look closely at the photo. It's a picture taken of my parents in the 1950's. My dad is clearer and bolder, my mom is fuzzy and faded. It's amazing how that depicts life for women in the 1950's & 1960's. Women were expected to get married and have children, so… Read More!

The Sales Mindset

Todd Delmay, Founder of Mountaintop University, sits down with Matt Lois, Sales Manager of Delmay and Partners (another company owned by Todd) to discuss the Sales Mindset. What it means, how you can achieve it, and how it can make you a leader in business. Learn from Matt's years of… Read More!

Find Your Genuine Voice In Direct Sales

Join us on Facebook: Do you sometimes walk away from your trainings extremely excited then when you go to put into practice what you learned it doesn't feel like you? There are so many great ideas that come down the pipeline in your business but sometimes it is hard… Read More!

Facing Fear and Doing Away With It!

PREVIOUSLY RECORDED RADIO SHOW Join us on Facebook Topic: Facing Fear and Doing it Anyway! We all have our own challenges we need to work through. What is it that you are letting hold you back. No matter what tricks, tips or ideas you use at the end of… Read More!

The Power of a High Performance Mindset

Most people believe that a High Performance Mindset means that you can only create positive things like wealth and health. But that is not the case. A High Performance Mindset simply means that you can create and manifest your future with your mind and your actions - positive or negative.… Read More!

Love Thy Telephone

Unfortunately, even today, most of our selling is over the telephone where attention to dress and appearance tend not to matter. However, the telephone presents its own limitations and opportunities. Of all the skills employed when you speak on the phone, the most basic ingredient is usually the hardest to… Read More!