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Have You Stopped Learning?

You're busy, you're the C.E.O of Everything and training is the last thing on your mind when you leave work each day, right? Wrong. Training and education should be the one aspect of your professional growth that you should always make time for. Education for you and especially your team… Read More!

Remember When….

It's amazing when you look back at all of things that you have accomplished since you've started your business. Are you where you want to be yet? Maybe not. Are you pleased that you took the leap and that you're still in business? Hell yeah! Are you still beating yourself… Read More!

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

Remember that scene in Snow White when the witch asked, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" The mirror replied, "there is a lovely maiden more fair then thee." The witch demanded the mirror to show her a picture of this maiden so she could see… Read More!

Teana King-McDonald Biography

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I Started A New Business… Now What?

You've always dreamt about being your own boss, creating your own hours and building a business that you can be proud of. The days of working for 'the man' are over. It's your time to shine but you're not sure where to start. It's more than printing a great business… Read More!

The WORST business advice ever!

What's the worst business advice you've ever received? Perhaps it's also the worst business advice you've given to someone as well? Dawnna St. Louis shares insights designed to help keep you from wasting your time with bad advice and stay on a productive and creative business track Read More!