Who the Heck Do You Think You Are?

Today most small business professionals start their own business because they've either been let down by or let go from a "traditional" job position. And while going into business for yourself can be liberating, it can also be scary at the same time. Ask any small business owner about the… Read More!

Branding is Much More Than Advertising- Why Ron Johnson Failed at JCP

With the ongoing poor results reported by JC Penney over the past several months, it came as no surprise to me as I arrived in France a couple weeks ago to learn that he had been fired. No matter how good your resume is, non-stop double-digit declines in revenues and… Read More!

Developing your brand: what do you want to be famous for?

What does it take to have a recognizable brand? There more to a brand than a great logo or a catchy name. How did the top producing professional speakers get their start? Listen in as branding expert, Ken Banks, brings over 30 years of retail marketing experience to this podcast… Read More!

Creativity and Innovation

The above is a hot topic today and while I agree that it is important to be and or have both of those qualities, there are some people who just seem to have ideas continually coming out of them, while others just sit there and stare. Many companies today are… Read More!

3 Criteria to Choose Your Network of Followers

Often I am asked, how do I get people to follow me? It seems that people are confused as to the concept of Twitter and how you choose who to follow and how you get them to follow you back. Choosing people to follow is typically the easy part, it… Read More!

Social Media: Gauging the New ROI

It used to be people talked about your business verbally. In a physical space. Around someone's kitchen table or at the water cooler or the downtown coffee shop. Today, word of mouth is more like word of .... word. We're putting down in words, in a social media format, what… Read More!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Business

Did you know that one in three small businesses are now using social media? Social media is not just for personal use, it is a great networking tool for your business as well. Your social networks represent your company, brand, and reputation. It is important for business social networks to… Read More!