Tax Tips and Highlights for 2013-14

Each year I put together the following check list to be sure all business owners have an overview of important tax information for their business. I hope this provides some insights of important highlights in place now and some will be coming in 2014: Payroll Tax Issues In November 2013,… Read More!

Employer Tax Credits Explained

Many clients have asked us to explain the different tax credits available as of this year (2013). I present to you many of the details associated with the credits. Always ask your tax adviser for more information on your particular situation: Employers can qualify for a tax credit known as… Read More!

Year End Tax Moves for Business Owners

Hard to believe that the end of the year is right around the corner- but it truly is. Many business owners wait until the last minute to talk with their CPA and determine what measures can be taken to be sure their business is making the right taxation moves. Listen… Read More!

Business Year-end Tax Planning

Year-End Moves for Business Owners ? If your business is incorporated, consider taking money out of the business by way of a stock redemption if you are in the position to do so. The buy-back of the stock may yield long-term capital gain or a dividend, depending on a variety… Read More!

Top Ten Estate & Business Planning Mistakes

Although the following is an older article, it still applies now. Since we do not know if Congress will extend the 2012 estate exemption of $5 million, let it revert to $1 million or set some other amount, it is imperative to review your estate plans (or lack of). Federal… Read More!

Why CPAs are not Writing Comfort Letters for Bank Loans

How CPAs Should Handle "Comfort Letter" Requests From Lenders and Mortgage Brokers AICPA members have contacted the AICPA to clarify their professional ethical obligations when asked for "comfort letters" by lenders and mortgage brokers. Depending on how practitioners respond to such requests, they may be at risk for failing to… Read More!

Receipts for Charitable Deductions

Receipts for Charitable Deductions Along with the many changes of the Pension Protection Act of 2006, more stringent rules regarding proof for charitable deductions were put in place. No longer is there a "de minimis" allowance deduction for donations under $250. ALL donations require various forms of substantiation dependent upon… Read More!