How to set realistic deadlines and stick to them

Learn to set realistic deadlines and honor them. Every project or task needs to have one. It gives you a framework in which to work. It also allows you to budget the time in small increments to reach that deadline. The average administrator is interrupted every six minutes. Therefore it's… Read More!

How to remove distractions and concentrate on results oriented activities

Goals must be clearly visible so that when people come by to distract you, you can look at your list and see if it has anything to do with what you have planned for the day. If you honestly evaluate how your day is used, you'll find that 80% of… Read More!

Be intentionally with your work and life every day

Set aside some part of your day for physical fitness. Although there is no proof your life will last longer, your life will be better if you exercise. Take at least 30 minutes for some type of movement, whether it's aerobics, walking, jogging, swimming, racquetball or whatever. Concentrate on one… Read More!

Take Back The Clock!

Do you remember that famous trilogy, Back to The Future with Michael J. Fox? The theme of each movie was going back in time or going into the future. But the common theme was clear. It was all about time. A word depending on how it's used could be both… Read More!

Playing to Win-Win

Be prepared to take some risks. But remember, you're trying to get to a win-win. Don't put anyone in a losing position purposely. If you deal with the facts up front, you will find a much less tension-filled atmosphere. No one can argue with what is. Don't get drawn into… Read More!

Battle of the Sexes

People want more out of the workplace which includes freedom from sexual harassment or stereotyping and the freedom to play complex and often contradictory roles. It may take some of the same skills to run a corporation as it does to bring up a family and balance a budget, however… Read More!


Success is not an easy road. Yet, for many who've succeeded in a variety of endeavors, the path, though prickly and different from any they had known, was almost irresistible. Some say the ability to take risks divides the successful from the also-rans. I say it another way. It's the… Read More!