How to nail your next Job Interview

Natalie Owens, Sales Manager of (a brand of the Delmay Corporation) shares tips and techniques for succeeding in a job interview. With years of experience interviewing candidates in the hospitality industry, as well as coaching candidates for job interviewers as a recruiter, Natalie's advice is timely and thought-provoking. Read More!

Want Happy Customers? Pick Up The Phone

If you deal with customers and wish to keep them coming back time after time, you need to use your phone. Putting back the human factor into your interactions takes a gameplan as well as the desire to keep a pulse on the day to day business activities. Let's face… Read More!

The Disney Way: Customer Service Principles

Bill Capodagli shares a few stories about Disney Customer Service principle - some of which live in organizations like Four Seasons Hotels as well. Read More!

Frontline Equals Bottom Line

Walt Disney believed that if he took care of the guest experience and his frontline cast members, the bottom line would follow. In all of my years of consulting, I've found so few organizations that truly understand this rather simple formula. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is one organization that… Read More!

The Power Is In The Questions

What are some reactions we have when facing a problem? What do these emotions all have in common? Have you ever had a problem where someone offered a solution and you became even more frustrated? Why? Steps to Effectively Solve Problems: Remove emotion, get to the heart of the problem… Read More!