Use Your Prime Time

The idea is to do your most difficult projects during your prime hours. If you try to tackle them during your worst times, you will find yourself procrastinating. You must also learn to prioritize. Most management books talk about A, B and C priorities. A's are both urgent and important.… Read More!

Reduce Stress by Making More Time

Time management can lead to greater productivity, less stress and pressure, and more creativity. In addition, knowing one is more organized and in control adds to confidence, enthusiasm and flexibility. Remember, if you only pick up 30 minutes a day, that represents 22 more eight hour days. In the working… Read More!

Relief is a Deep Breath Away

An effective stress reduction technique is deep breathing. No one will necessarily notice you doing this, but what a difference it makes. It should calm you down as well as increase your energy flow. It also gives you a chance to rethink what you might want to say, and to… Read More!

Stress Can Be Positive

Positive stress prepares you for the event that is going to happen. It usually gives you the ability to perform and follow through--all the things to which you say "I don't know how I did that." Positive stress spurs you on and makes you better and stronger. Negative stress is… Read More!

The Deadly One Hundred

You've probably heard me say that we all experience approximately 100 abrasive incidents a day, from hostility on the highway to unwelcome telephone solicitations. Abrasive incidents may come in disguise. If you are a person who works 12 hours a day because you can't get anyone else to do it,… Read More!

Identify Your Stressors

Identify your stressors. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, they can be human or not, they can be a situation or event-related to family, job or school. And it might even be a combination of things. What causes stress in one person may not even be noticed… Read More!

Handling Stress and Time

It's been proven that five minutes of negative thinking takes 24 hours to recover from. However if your laugh, things can change. Healing laughter does a tremendous amount to reduce stress. Remember, it is difficult to have clenched teeth when you smile, and you can't be tense if your teeth… Read More!