A Business Tip for the Creative Mind

As an entrepreneur and Mom of two teenagers, I know what it is like to attempt to balance life, work and the dreaded car line at school. Thank goodness I am a careful driver as I could not imagine getting in an accident and stepping out of the car wearing my pajamas bottoms and flip flops.

As for business, I often find myself frustrated with doing so much and at the end of the day scratching my head to remember one thing that I managed to complete.

I’ve learned a few tricks on keeping organized when you have so many ideas in your head all at once and a to-do list that would put any husband to shame. Sorry men. So I share one of these tips with you, nothing new, but if you haven’t tried this idea, I don’t want to hear a complaint out of you!

In my professional opinion, how you stay organized is based on your personality.

Ask anyone that knows me and they will say I am a “high creative type”. Most creative people feel comfortable with piles instead of files. Well, I pushed myself to be a little more organized and have found this idea helpful:

Use colored folders. It sounds simple but I use green folders for clients that I’m actively engaged with and stack the folder in a multi-level file holder right in front of my desk. Creative people also like to SEE their work so placing this in a file cabinet is never going to work. I use yellow folders for clients that are still in a sales process and not yet closed. Don’t waste money establishing a file for every single lead- just put them all together for now but work them every single day. Put the leads in order of the sales process- the closer they are to the YES, the higher they rank in the yellow folder. Red folders are for urgent matters and those of an administrative nature. No client will ever be in a red folder, no matter how high maintenance they are!

Not the creative type? If you are reading this and NOT the creative type, give this to someone you work with that has piles on their desk- they may appreciate you for it. If they don’t appreciate the gesture, let me have it!

One last thing; don’t ask me how to get organized if you are one of those aggravating perfectionists that never has anything on their desk at the end of the day. There is professional help for you out there as well.

Stay tuned for more ideas to help the creative minds become and stay more productive in 2013!

Courtesy of www.mountaintopuniversity.com