A Good Blog Content Guide

Corporate blogging is a powerful marketing tool. However, many companies do not use blogging in a way that maximizes its potential.

When going through a corporate website redesign, that is the time to reboot your company blog and start using it for focused marketing purposes. A critical part of creating a successful company blog is a good content plan.

Blog Types
Before creating a plan, it is important to understand the four types of blogs you can have:

  • Helpful (The Problem Solver)
    This type of blog helps people solve problems. The content provides helpful information, tips, and tricks to visitors while emphasizing the company’s area of expertise.

  • Case Studies (Before and After)
    To showcase the impact of a product or service, a blog can present case studies. They show the before situation and what happened after the product or service came into the picture.

  • Personal Insights
    This blog comes from an expert point of view. The expert can be the company president, the lead researcher, or other company icon. It is a place where the expert answer questions or provides insights to the industry.

  • Newsworthy
    This blog offers news from around the industry, particularly those dealing with the company. It also analyzes trends presented in the news.

Now, you may say you know of blogs which mix these different types together, and you are right. However, most blogs emphasize one of these types over the other. You need to decide the type of blog you want and keep 75 to 80 percent of the posts to that type.

For example, a service company can help people with common problems related to its industry. A plumber could give plumbing tips. A dentist can provide dental care tips for adults and kids. A small part of the blog would mention company news bits, personal insights, and even case studies.

Creating a Blog Content Plan
Five critical components go into creating a blog content plan. You want all these in place before you launch your corporate website redesign project:

  1. Pick your target keywords for the quarter
    You want three to five at the maximum per quarter. All blog posts created during the quarter must use one of those keywords. Your keywords should draw from a highly researched list of keywords focused on your industry and niche.
  2. Brainstorm on the blog titles with a team
    You will focus on content later. Blog titles should emphasize the keyword of choice and match the type of blog. Create a list of titles for the quarter.

  3. Generate four to five bullets for each blog
    Each bullet will highlight critical content. Take the blog title and link four or five critical components to it. You can link posts together with common themes.

  4. Create a calendar of blog posts and stick to it
    Most blogs have regular posts one to three times per week. Make a plan for your blog and keep your posts on schedule. Most blog management tools allow scheduling of posts.

  5. Delegate writing the blog to a professional writer
    Unless you are a professional writer, you want someone else doing the writing. Your blog needs to give your company a professional voice.

With a content plan in place, you can start leveraging the power of your company blog. Knowing the type of blog you want allows you to focus your content. You can figure out your keywords and brainstorm blog titles.

Each post should have four or five critical components shown as bullet points. Create a calendar for blog posts and do not vary from that schedule. Give the writing to a professional for the best results. That is how you maximize your company blog and your corporate website redesign.

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