A Great Way to Increase Your Mailing List

What is an e-book and how does a business use these books to increase traffic and customers?

An e-book is nothing more than a digital book you can read on your computer or other digital device. At Mountaintop University, we work with our clients to develop and produce short e-books (usually less than 24 pages).

Why produce a short e-book?

This is a great way to showcase your knowledge

No one wants to read a 24 page book on your products and services and how much they cost. That’s what collateral materials and your website are designed for.

An e-book a “teaser” for people that don’t know your expertise. It’s an opportunity to educate and also entertain the people you want as customers.

To educate people, sharing tips and techniques designed to help, not sell, is how to position this educational piece.

Use this e-book in your introductory emails to prospects and including a simple link to the book instead of an attachment. The reason for a link is to migrate a prospect to your website and something that lives along side of your website called a landing page.

Think of a landing page as a one-page website that captures your prospect’s information.

In order for anyone to view your e-book, the prospect enters at least the basics:

  • Their Name
  • Their email address
The information captured is called an opt-in record and you can use the captured information for future e-mail blasts and product updates.
So think about an e-book in order to leverage your knowledge as well as increase your mailing lists with prospects interested in what you have to say!