A New Beginning

Think about how you would handle things if you began each day as a new beginning. What would you do today if you knew you couldn’t fail and it was the last day you had on earth? Would your priorities be different? Would there be people you wanted to speak to and with? Is there something you would try that you haven’t?

I know what I’m saying isn’t practical, but too many of us get into a rut of doing the same things in the same way every day. It isn’t because we’re not intending to experiment or put into effect a new idea, it’s just life is happening to us as we’re making plans. We go into our business establishment with grandiose ideas and then everything starts falling apart.

I challenge you to go into every day with a plan. And part of that plan needs to be what you’re going to try that is new, what you are continuing to do that is part of your strategic plan, and who you will touch or talk to that will help you improve your business. The best part of every day is knowing you have accomplished something. Most days you feel as if you are standing still because you just take care of “things” and don’t seem to progress at all.

A good example is trying to write a book. Most people think of it as an impossible task. However, if they just sat down and wrote one page a day, that would give you 365 pages at the end of the year. Out of that they may only have 100 good ones, so if they wanted 200, they would just double their output and put two pages down. Everybody really can do that. The point is, whatever you tackle, if you do it bit by bit, you’ll get it done.

Even though that doesn’t seem like a big deal, most people don’t even do that much. Of the successful people I know, most of them have had a targeted vision, focused on it, worked towards it, got others to buy into it, and never let anything stop them.

I continue to marvel at the amazing things people do when they set their minds to it. I know you have many success stories in you, so I want you to look as deep as you can within yourself to discover the ones that are most important to you.