A Telephone Quiz

Last week’s article was all about the telephone. Here’s a quiz to see if you’re on track. See how many times you answer “yes,” “no,” or “sometimes.”

1. Do you know the proper thing to say on the phone?

2. Do you get to the point quickly?

3. Do you avoid carrying on a double conversation–one on the phone and the one off?

4. Do you like speaking on the phone?

5. Do you practice remembering names?

6. Is it easy for you to begin a conversation?

7. Can you terminate a conversation gently?

8. Do you try to form a mental picture of the caller?

9. Do you keep your temper under control?

10.Do you avoid gossip on the phone?

11.Are you professional at all times?

12.Do words come easily for you?

13.Can the other person hear you smile?

14.Are you easily understood?

15.Do you feel others are interested in what you have to say?

16.Do you keep your power or authority in check?

17.Do you converse on the appropriate level with each individual?

18.Is your voice pleasant at all times?

19.Do you avoid slang and red-flag words?

20.Are you interested in yourself and the other party?

21.Do you handle difficult people well?

22.Do you listen without interruption?

23.Do you use the other person’s name frequently?

24.Do you stick to the facts, without embellishing anything?

25.Do you avoid conversations?

Each “yes” counts four, “sometimes” a one. If you’ve scored 100,

perfect. If you’ve scored between 80 and 90, excellent; 70 to

79 is satisfactory, but under 70 means you need help!