Are you a team leader?

Man or woman, the only real way to come out ahead is to follow your own path–working in the field you choose for an organization you admire and following your code of ethics in a manner you’re comfortable with.

You must learn to get along with most people, whether you admire their style or not. You need to follow orders as well as give them, and most important you must stick to your guns, your ideals and ethical standards. You will not come out ahead through antagonizing or alienating. Sooner or later, someone who complains all the time will be considered a complainer, not a team player.

What does a team player really mean? It’s someone who knows the score and plays accordingly. The trick is knowing when to play which role, and the time to play with the team is when the chips are down, and everyone needs to pull together. Sometimes for the team to win, exceptional individual performances are required, and if you are alert to those opportunities, you will be able to shine in the knowledge that you and the team did their best.

Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities that present themselves–and they will. You come out ahead by being prepared, in experience, talent, abilities and attitude. There are opportunities like this all over-you just have to look for them.

You can make excuses all of your life about why things won’t work, or you can begin to look for all the ways they will work. Nothing is easy, and everything worthwhile usually takes a little longer, but the people who try, and try well, consistently day after day and week after week, doing an excellent job every time they perform their task, will make it.

A positive attitude may be a very simplistic way to approach adversity, but when coupled with persistence and skill, it can be a very powerful influence, can help your image and can boost you closer to the top.