Are You Limiting Yourself?

The only limits you’ll experience are those you place on yourself. In the beginning you may have to give up your social life, much of your family life and concentrate on “getting there.” But if you have a good physical fitness plan to the hours you work and stress you experience will be tolerable, you will find you are able to function quite well.

Make the social life you do have leisurely, so you can relax and enjoy it more easily, although you will probably find that many of the social events you attend are semi-business as well. And since family time may be short, be sure it’s quality time (as the saying goes).

Your enthusiasm and determination will never be higher than your first ten years in business because they’re your formative ones. The lessons learned will allow you to work smart instead of working hard later on.

An average person who applies herself will be able to rise to the greatest heights if she only tries over and over again. Most of our great achievers got where they are only after many frustrations and disappointments. You never hear about the rough times, however, because people usually don’t want to acknowledge them.

I wish each of you the happiness of great achievement in whatever you choose to do, but I also encourage you to plan your life and lifestyle so that it is positive for you and not harmful to others. If you have a plan to follow, you should have no problem getting to where you want to go.

Learn to discipline yourself so that whenever you get sidetracked, and you will, you always have something to go back to, to keep yourself on target. Your plan should never compromise your ethical and moral values however, or hurt anyone else. Your life will be enriched if you have the compassion to understand and aid your friends, co-workers and family when you least need to do so.

Although not always fashionable, the truly good person who is an achiever is a doer and a fine human being whose success does not subtract from the world, but makes it a better place. All it takes is believing in yourself, and the courage to take a chance.