Assertive Management

Assertive management lends itself to today’s healthy attitudes. We all know that today’s consumers are better educated, more aware, and certainly more sophisticated than ever before. At no other time have they had more rights or more champions in their corners.

They want quality and they want service the first time. And they deserve it. Assertive people are adult in their dealings, and they are not prejudiced by people’s machinations or tantrums. They’re usually in control and have self-esteem. By being themselves they’ll inspire confidence.

Assertive managers are not afraid to give. They will coach, counsel and motivate because they know by doing this they will create a better system. This system will produce more with less problems and tension and this in turn will reflect back on them in an extremely positive light. It’s a win-win all the way around, because their employees will be excited and will want to do a better job because they are being rewarded and recognized.

This is reflected in attitude and performance, and then profits. You can’t ask for much more than that. Enjoy this aspect of management. It will definitely spiral you up the ladder of success. You’ll achieve just about everything you want. Just remember, respect yourself, your peers, your co-workers, your superiors and all your contemporaries, and good management and lifestyle will be yours.

Start to keep track of the individuals and people who are causing you stress. Is it because they are disagreeing with you? Do you feel as if you are losing control? Are other people putting you on the defensive? Take a look at your diet too. Is there any time in your day scheduled for something other than work and personal duties?