Avoid these website redesign blunders

Excitement fills the air. You are almost ready to roll out your new website redesign. It is a great opportunity to freshen your brand, get customers interested, and increase your company size. You likely have a marketing campaign ready to launch with your new website design. Everything is ready to go…or is it?

Before you press the button and launch your new site, review the site one more time. Be sure you do not make these common redesign blunders:

Blunder #1 – Little to no search capability
Users want the ability to search your website. That is a fact that you cannot get around. If you do not offer an easy, obvious way to search your site, users are less likely to want to come back and visit. Make sure you use a quality search tool and you keep it up to date. Poor search results are as bad as providing no search capability at all.

Blunder #2 – Poorly designed navigation
What does your website map look like? Navigation should be simple and intuitive. Clear menu options will help new visitors find what they want. Menu choices should be non-ambiguous. Confusing or hard-to-find navigation options and ambiguous menu choices will frustrate new visitors and make them less likely to come back.

Blunder #3 – Bad graphics and photographs
Most people are very visual. The first things they notice on any website are the images and graphics. Studies have shown that people’s eyes scan the page first, taking in the visual impact, before coming to rest on text elements.

If you have poor quality graphics and photos on your site, the visual impact will be unprofessional. For someone visiting the site for the first time, the impression you will give is that you do not care and that is likely the lasting impression they will have of your company. When making the effort to do a website redesign, be sure you use quality photos and graphics to give the look you want and the critical first impression you need.

Blunder #4 – Forms are too long
Many websites want to convert visitors to potential leads. Getting them to give a bit of personal information in exchange for a newsletter, helpful tips, and similar enticements is common. However, if you ask them for too much information though, you will turn visitors off. The best option to garner information from a first-time visitor is a short form asking for minimal information.

Blunder #5 – No clear calls to action
What do you want someone to do when they visit your site? You need to use language that will direct new visitors to what you want them to do. For example, if you want to gather leads and followers, ask them to fill out a short form that you direct them to. If you want them to call your office for service, be sure to ask them to do that and give the phone number. If you want them to look at your latest sales offer, an obvious banner and link will direct them to that page.

When doing a website redesign, you need to give visitors a positive experience from the moment they arrive. Keep these blunders in mind and make sure they do not happen on your new website design.