Battle of the Sexes

People want more out of the workplace which includes freedom from sexual harassment or stereotyping and the freedom to play complex and often contradictory roles. It may take some of the same skills to run a corporation as it does to bring up a family and balance a budget, however it does require some shifting of gears.

Women want and still don’t get, equal pay for equal work. And men don’t want to be seen as the “heavies” in this or any other oppression of women. The bottom line is, we all have choices. We do decide which job we accept, whom to marry, whether or not to continue our education, whether to stay in a dead-end job, and even whether to stay in the same geographical area.

The hard part is realizing that we have indeed made our own beds, and must lie in them. True, there are sometimes circumstances that prevent us from making a move at a particular moment. But over a longer period, a way will appear in which to change your path if you sincerely desire to do so.

This is when it becomes important to evaluate your direction and priorities and set meaningful goals and pursue them in a disciplined way. Only after looking at all options, assets, liabilities and stumbling blocks can you decide what is important.

THE most important step is to take action. Don’t over analyze-just go with what you know. If you want change and what to make something happen, you must take action.