Be intentionally with your work and life every day

Set aside some part of your day for physical fitness. Although there is no proof your life will last longer, your life will be better if you exercise. Take at least 30 minutes for some type of movement, whether it’s aerobics, walking, jogging, swimming, racquetball or whatever.

Concentrate on one important thing at a time. Don’t let your ideas vanish. Keep them in an idea book that you can refer back to; don’t lose those important thoughts, but don’t get sidetracked by them.

You must also believe you are doing an effective job, or you won’t continue to perform. If you don’t like a task, you will certainly find a lot of ways to get out of it.

Don’t make a resolution that you will suddenly become a time expert. It won’t happen. But you can begin by preparing adequately for things. You can make some headway every day. You can begin to control more of what’s going on around you. Then suddenly you’ll have five minutes more, then ten, then fifteen.

Paperwork is usually a means to an end. Don’t let it become a focal point in your life. Your desk should be fairly clean. In truth, you only need 3 files on your desk. One is a reading file for important memos, articles etc. You also need a subjects file for projects and important happenings and the third a correspondence file. If you group correspondence, you’ll find it takes the same amount of time to answer five pieces as one.