Be Realistic About Time

The place to be realistic in your timetable is when you want to achieve goals. If you plan to compete in an arena where the race goes to the swiftest, it’s a good idea to start early.

What are the limits imposed by reality? There are certain physical limitations but those can be broken as well. But as our own worst critics we value ourselves because of our successes. However, we often achieve success because we have the confidence to risk failure.

How successful have you been in the past, and how many times have you been shot down? Does the failure still hurt? Can you get past that stumbling block?

Timing is a critical part of any success story. And the goals you write down are the script for yours. Goal setting works better when they are written down. It’s a ready checklist of your objectives and priorities and the act of writing them down forces you to take control and get organized. They help you order and control your day.

After the day, the weeks and months fall into place. By setting daily goals and objectives, you’ll learn to give priority to the activities that provide the benefits, friendships, rewards, comfort and progress you want.

It’s important to concentrate not just on activities (being busy for its own sake), but also on the results of that activity. Decide on the path you want to follow. Visualize it and don’t get sidetracked by bright shiny objects.

Take charge and write your goals with the following criteria in mind:

1. Goals must be specific and measurable.

2. They must be your own personal goals.

3. They must be stated positively and in the present.

4. They must be realistic.

5. They may require basic personality changes.

6. They must start with “I”.

7. They should be fun.

Keep your goals with you at all times and separate them according to the various ideas.