Beyond the Results and into the Relationship

In our last article we talked about filling in the Results Table.

You are competing against nine other guys to sell Project Management Consulting services. And just like the nine other guys, you have a brochure filled with the results of your project management consulting work.

But that does not mean that you will get hired. You need the other half of the equation.

You have filled the head of the economic buyer with results; but to get beyond the first meeting and into the fourth sale, he must also know, like and trust you. That is not in the head; that is in the heart. The good news is that it does not take a year for this to happen and you probably won’t have to date for too long either. If you pay close attention to your economic buyer and ask the right questions; you could find yourself closing the deal and on to the next deal faster than you thought.

Leverage the HEAD to get to the HEART and into the POCKET

First you will leverage the desired results from the Results Table in the previous example which were:

  • High quality products delivered on time within cost constraints that meets the customer’s goals and objectives.
  • Increased team performance
  • Reduced risk of failure
  • Improved team and stakeholder communications

Now you need to find out what happens to the economic buyer if they DON’T GET THE DESIRED RESULTS and IF THEY DO! Understanding the negative and positive outcomes and the current situation will allow you to directly tie your results to the economic buyer’s greatest concerns. You want to know how HE is effected on a PERSONAL LEVEL!

You must ask the right questions and smart questions to get this information. For example: You could ask; “What are your greatest concerns if you chose the wrong vendor and this all fails? What is the first thing that you will do when this project is a home run and it was because of your great decision making? Tell me about a similar project to this one; what was the outcome for that stakeholder? Will you enjoy the same privileges?”

Once you have the outcomes filled in; take a closer look at your results column. This is your opportunity to tie your results to the outcomes associated with the economic buyer.

By asking the right questions, listening to the personal concerns, and understanding how outcomes could impact the buyer’s decisions; you will find yourself in the driver’s seat to close the sale.

When communicating to the buyer, address not only the results of the project; but also his personal concerns. This will move you much higher than your competition on the confidence curve and make you a trusted resource for solutions that they need.