There are all kinds of coaches–financial, career, image, executive,
business and the list goes on. What do I think about coaching and
coaches? I think they are very important, but choosing the right one
for you is the most important of all.

I have had many and some were good and some weren’t. For me, marketing
has always been the most important. I hang my hat on every person who
can coach me in marketing. Even though I’m pretty savvy in this area,
I always long to learn more.

The question always comes up–“Do you need to have coaching credentials?”
Yes and no. It’s not major that you have a certificate in coaching but
it is important to have a history in what you’re talking about and a
success factor there as well. And most important is being able to get
this information and guidance over to the person you’re working with.

Many major sports coaches were not outstanding athletes, but they understand
the game and know how to instruct. You have to be so good at what you’re
teaching (and that’s really wha a coach does),that the individual can the
make good choices on their own. Yes, a coach can send in a play, but when
the timing is important, the player better make a good decision themself.

Business coaches have one major difference. They guide you and let you make
the ultimate choices. Coaches are supposed to ask a lot of questions. They
are guidance counselors. However, when you’re talking with someone about
important issues, you’ll find that you answer a lot of your questions.

The things you have silently said to yourself will become very real and
apparent. If you don’t have a long history on your own, then taking a
coaching course can be valuable. If you have a certain amount of credibility
like an attorney, CPA, successful business person, fashion designer etc,,
then you might not need it.

One important point–if you are in business and need help, don’t be afraid
to ask for it.