Conversation-Is It Easy?

Can you make a sale, whether that sales is yourself or a product, once you have the face-to-face interview? Do you have the telephone skills to get the interview in the first place? Your appearance, body language and ability to play whatever games are offered will speak volumes about your success. But there is much more to winning communications that good looks and sharp dress.

Conversation is really the art which reveals much of the truth about people. It is the exchange of ideas and reflects your character, interest and experiences. It’s the best way you can get to know other people, their interests and experiences, as well as share yours. If you have trouble with conversation, or consider it “small talk” consider how you feel about those people who talk to you in uncomfortable social situations. If you’re like me, you’re grateful to them for breaking the ice. Good conversations inspire confidence, build respect in business, school and social life, help make friends, develop distinct personalities and reveal your abilities to others.

The first rule of becoming a good conversationalist is to be gracious. Never say anything which you will regret later. You can always say it later, but you can never take it back. Be lively and have a good presence of mind. Concentrate on what’s being said. If you can’t remember what you’re talking about, why should someone else? Have an idea book. If you read something interesting, jot it down. Then when you have a spare moment, pursue it further. If you want other people to be interested, be interesting. That’s basic and not difficult.

When you accept someone’s hospitality, you owe them two things–your attention and conversation. We need good conversation to survive. We all love candor, and despise lies and double-talk. It’s through free and healthy conversation that we learn and exchange meaningful information. It’s wise to avoid some of the taboo subjects such a religion, politics, sex etc., but don’t be so inhibited that you cease conversation altogether.

Remember, shyness is a form of selfishness. If you are constantly thinking about yourself and your problems, you can’t think of anyone else. The best conversationalist is the person who can put the most people at ease at one time. She’s interesting and inspires others to be so. He speaks from the heart as well as the brain, is warm, simple, honest and human, never lacks poise and is always at ease–in other words, a winner.