Defining Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Bio on our speaker, Barbara Flynn

Certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources back in 2002, this is the highest obtainable credential in the human resources profession. She brings over 30 years of experience as an HR professional.

She is also an Adjunct Professor at Barry University – teaching a variety of business courses in degreed programs.

Additional she is an Adjunct Professor at Florida Atlantic University – teaching the Human Resource SHRM Certification Preparation Course.

Today’s subject matter is in the area of sexual harassment. Though sexual harassment is one of the most common forms of workplace discrimination, the trends employers are seeing in harassment claims are anything but typical. To stay ahead of the curve, employers need to keep themselves up-to-date on workplace trends impacting harassment claims:

What is the definition of sexual harassment?

What are the different types of sexual harassment?

Explain the consequences to a business owner as it pertains to workplace harassment?

How can a business owner prevent sexual harassment in their environment?