Developing your brand: what do you want to be famous for?

What does it take to have a recognizable brand? There more to a brand than a great logo or a catchy name.

How did the top producing professional speakers get their start?

Listen in as branding expert, Ken Banks, brings over 30 years of retail marketing experience to this podcast at Mountaintop University.

What are the tools for an effective brand?

What logos, graphics and designs should represent your brand?


So who is Ken Banks?

CEO of KAB Marketing which helping companies and individuals develop a brand that resonates with their customers and a retail marketing executive for over 30 years with companies like PetSmart, Circuit City, Eckerd, and Procter & Gamble, Ken has also served on the advisory boards at both Texas A&M and the University of Florida.

He is an adjunct professor in graduate marketing studies at Schiller International University.

Winner of numerous industry awards and author and contributor of several articles and books, Ken recently co-authored the book BrainBranding-Activate the Brain-Stimulate Your Brand with Robyn Winters. He has also been honored with the American Advertising Federation’s Silver Medal award and by being inducted into the Retail Advertising Hall of Fame. The National Speakers Association (Central Florida) awarded its Lifetime Achievement Award to Ken in 2010.