Do Ethics Really Exist?

We often talk of ethics. Whether held in common with a group or individually as one who marches to a different drummer, are basic principles of right or good conduct. Whether one shares the ethics or customs of one’s business associates or not, it is important to know what they are.

Success is no measure of morality. Yet, you can seek monetary success with a clear conscience if not ethical shortcuts are taken. Tradition holds that humility is a quality to be nurtured, that work itself is good. And these ethics, combined with those institutionalized in our government (freedom, self-determination etc.) have combined to create the basic fabric by which Americans do business.

We respect honesty, integrity, and humility because those ethics are so well woven throughout our common human history. I believe you can get to where you want to go without cheating, stealing or hurting anyone else. I also believe there are times you’ll have to compromise.

Each compromise involves a value choice and the questions are endless with no easy answers. Each person must solve them according to his/her own “success ethics.” Whatever decision you reach, the most important thing is that it’s your decision and you arrive at it after studying what is best for you.

The most important credo is to be true to yourself. You should never be too busy to share, give sincere advice, respond to someone in need or give of yourself.