A little while ago, I became a Certified Dream Coach. It’s o.k. to dream. It’s even a good thing. Sometimes dreams can be big, and sometimes small. The important thing is to turn those dreams into reality.

Everyone has the potential to fulfill them. But you must be willing to believe and commit. You must also be willing to sacrifice, work hard and experience many disappointments along the way. And above all, when the chips are down and everyone has deserted you, you must believe in yourself, ideas and path.

Without pride and self-esteem, you may never reach the level of excellence you are capable of because you tend to exhibit self-defeating behavior. Although it is hard to imagine that a successful business person would do that, you need to study your patterns and see where you’re heading. Remember, expect the best out of yourself and everyone else, and it will happen.

Performance appraisals are happening every day–by your customers and employees. How your organization is talked about is the key. Motivation and inspiration start at the top and work down from there. Try using self-evaluations on yourself and your employees. Most people are harder on themselves that you would ever be, and it gives people an opportunity to look inside themselves.

Be enthusiastic, dedicated, happy, responsible and competent yourself and I’ll almost bet that’s the kind of person you have working for you. Excellence doesn’t take a lot of effort, but it does take that certain kind of attitude we have talked about. If everyone tries to do a little better each day, the1% everyone talks about will happen.

There are three kinds of motivation:

1. Fear–it’s temporary and builds a lot of resentment. And truthfully, it only works if you’re under 30.

2. Incentives–these are also temporary but can be effective short-term. The problem is, you always have to top it.

3. Self–this is the strongest. We are our own best monitors and role models. Pride is the strongest report card we can have. Everyone is motivated, to do something or not. We need to understand what is important to that individual and work from there.