Energize Your Life

This sounds like a very simple theme, but I’m amazed how many people drag themselves around tired most of the day, handling one crisis after another, putting out fires.

Energizing your life means living it the way you want to. It means having things and people in your life who mean something to you. It means waking up every morning with a smile on your face. It also means you might have to orchestrate some of this.

For instance, I am a sunshine person. I like getting up to brightness and light and hate the gray of winter. That’s the reason I moved to Florida as soon as I could. And I’ve never regretted it. The only other place I ever wanted to live was Southern California, and now I have a place there as well.

Life would have been a lot simpler if I had stayed closer to home, but that wasn’t as important to me as being happy. I also knew that I would never be happy working for someone else, so all of my life, I created the jobs I wanted (even as a teen) that would give me the experience and get me ready for the big opportunity when it happened. I gave up security, paid vacations, benefits and all the rest and guess what–I never missed it.

So….what does this have to do with energy? If you do what you say, live by your own terms and stick to your guns, you will have a lot more energy. If you stick to your code of ethics, take care of your physical self, set time for rest and relaxation, you will have more energy.

Of course there are tests. Every day, your values and lifestyle will be tested, but as an entrepreneur, you have to be strong and meet the challenges that present themselves. The people you model yourself after should also be positive, and I’m sure they are. Otherwise they probably wouldn’t be as successful as they are.

Unless you have energy in your life, you can’t accomplish everything you want to. And the less you accomplish, the less other people will feel your influence. Since you have a lot to offer, you should take advantage of the opportunity to make that difference.