Find Your Genuine Voice In Direct Sales

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Do you sometimes walk away from your trainings extremely excited then when you go to put into practice what you learned it doesn’t feel like you?

There are so many great ideas that come down the pipeline in your business but sometimes it is hard to know what is for you and what isn’t. When are you pushing yourself outside your comfort zone versus doing something that is not align with who I am.

We all need to be flexible and adapt but if we don’t stay true to who we are are we really creating a business that will make us happy?

Our guest this episode is Jen Tarara she is a Level 3 director with Rodan and Fields and her passion is being sincere. It is with Sincerity that she connects with people, get’s referrals and consistently builds her customer base and team.

Jen is a very genuine fun and inspiring person. You will not want to miss this episode of Direct Sales Success Radio.

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