Follow Up

When you get an inquiry about your product or service, what do you do with it? Do you send a brochure and follow up? Do you get their name, address, phone, fax and email? Do you build a database so when you have a special “deal” you have people to which you can offer it?

If you’re getting a lot of inquiries but not a lot of results, you need to start looking at the methods you’re using to make sales. There’s a lot of money left on the table because you take customers on face value. When someone comes into your establishment and asks for a product, do you find out how they’re going to use it, or how often they have a need for it? Could you keep them on a regular contact lists or let them know when similar products come in?

You can do the same with online products and services as well, By tracking people’s likes and dislikes, you know what offers to extend.

What do you really know about your customer? Can you personalize something for them? Can you save them money by having them order two or three at a time? Would they be interested if they knew it came in a variety of colors? Would they like you to call them several times a year? Can they get a coupon or $ if they send you a referral?

Evaluating what your customer wants and needs is very important in maintaining a lifetime relationship. If you show them that they are #1 with you, and even their small amount of business is meaningful, it can make all the difference in the world.

Should you treat a large customer the same as a small one, not necessarily. But each one should be treated with respect and courtesy because you never know who they may recommend you to.

I still get calls from meeting planners who want to know about various properties because I’m in so many of them, yet when I check in, the front desk people have no idea if I’m there for just one evening as a regular guest, or I have a large sphere of influence.

Just keep in mind that you always want your reputation to stay intact