Game Playing–Is it Necessary?

A lot of games can go on in the corporate world. Not only is it important to recognize that games are going on in order to find an appropriate position for yourself before the final gun goes off, but it certainly helps to know the rules.

These won’t be found in a company handbook, but in your own values, mission, philosophy and goals of your employer. Once you figure out the essentials or what you’d call the unwritten rules, ask yourself these key questions:

* Do I subscribe to these rules?

* If I don’t, can I hold my tongue?

* Do I fit into the mold?

* If I don’t now, can I compromise?

* Can I work with someone I don’t respect?

* What if things are fine here, but disastrous nearby?

These are tough questions and you need to know if you can work in an atmosphere of camaraderie, spirit and accomplishment, while every other department is disorganized and uncooperative? In short, can you make the decision to change it or live with it?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you know where you stand. The most important ingredient to success is attitude. You make out of anything exactly what you want it to be.

There are certainly obstacles in many situations, but how you deal with them and what you learn from them are the most important keys to your personal and professional growth. How you visualize, conduct yourself and treat others and yourself, will build a reputation that will do more for your credibility than anything else.