Get a Mentor!


The only limits are those you place on yourself. You may have to give up part of your social life, family life while concentrating on all the goodies of “getting there.” But if you allow time you for a good physical fitness plan so that the hours you work and stress you experience will be tolerable, you will find you will be able to function quite well.

You should also learn how to make the social life you do have leisurely, so you can relax and enjoy it more easily, although you will probably find many of the social events you attend are semi-business as well. Since family time may be short, you should be sure it is quality time.

The first years in business are the formative ones, the learning times that can never be replaced. Your enthusiasm and determination will never be higher. They ARE important years and part of the “dues paying” era. The lessons you learn when applied will allow you to work smart instead of working hard later on.

I believe mentoring is important but not necessarily in a formal process. If you’re smart, you’re always going through a mentoring process, learning from those whom circumstances place in front of you, taking from their knowledge and experience whatever they care to give you. Your task is to decide what it is you want to know, and find the best person to impart that knowledge to you.

But you have a responsibility as well. You must implement the things they suggest, report back as to how they are working and respect the advice they’ve given. No one is perfect and their suggestions may not always be the best, and you may even have to move from one mentor to another, but all experience is a learning time and one you will profit from.