Get Outdoors With The 3C’s!

Summer is officially here! For some this is the busiest time for their businesses and for others- not so much. The good news is whether your business is in season or not there’s always an opportunity to get out and take your show on the road with the 3 C’s.


What are you saying, selling and revealing to your customers and potential customers when you are out in the community? Decide what your message is because you only have one chance to get it out and get it right. The method used to introduce and communicate your brand is crucial. Your message, your voice, and your mission are all vital factors to the content, which represents your brand. Content is king and no one cares about your company, they care about what your company can do for them. Make sure you get that point across!


As business owners we should be on the prowl for fresh, exhilarating and cutting-edge ways to connect with others in the community. The only way you can accomplish this is to join the masses. Find out where your customers are hanging out and how you can reach out to them. Let’s say you sell a product or service that’s family friendly, your goal is to look for all of the local events that cater to that audience. These are the people that will be great connections for your product or service. Get out there in the community, set up a booth and get to work!


There must be a level of consistency when you own your own business. Your potential customers or clients have to see your marketing initiatives over and over again. Think about how many times you have to go the gym, eat healthy and repeat to see results. Consistency in business equates to credibility in the eyes of your audience. Would you rather buy from a company that doesn’t spend money on advertising or buy from a company with a great reputation for advertising and engaging their customers? Figure out what your plan of attack is going to be and keep repeating it over and over again. Take a step back, analyze your results and figure out your next steps.

Remember… “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is- it is what consumers tell each other it is.” – Scott Brook