Get your $2 Million worth!

You paid $995 for a Marshmallow. Now get your $2 Million worth!

You just attended a seminar and the speaker was great. You took in all of the information. They told you exactly “WHAT” to do.

Whether it was “Get more Facebook followers; create a compelling campaign; or engage your audience” to increase marketing or “Add more money to you bottom line”; the speaker told you exactly what to do; and you paid $995 for that information.

But, now that you are back in your office, you realize that you don’t know how to “Get more Facebook followers; create a compelling campaign; or engage your audience”. You paid $995 for a Marshmallow.

You need to know “THE HOW”‘! You need to get you $2 Million worth.

HOW to get your $2 Million worth.

I attend 12 seminars per year at the Florida Speakers Association’s monthly meetings with experts like Alan Weiss; Ford Saeks; Randy Gage; Joaquin DePosada; and Lois Creamer. These people are amazing speakers, consultants, and coaches at the top of the speaking world. And although the event is usually only about $50 per event, I get my $2 Million worth.

Why $2 Million Dollars? That is the minimum amount you would be out of pocket if you spent a private half day with many of the people that I have met.

Here is the step by step:

  • Research The Expert
  • If you want to get more than your money’s worth you have to do some homework. Research the speaker and find out what they will talk about. Most speakers have videos on YouTube; or their own website; or anywhere in the web world. Start watching their videos, listening to their interviews, and really get an understanding of their expertise.
  • Take notes and form questions before the event
  • Take notes about what the speaker has covered before; they will likely cover some, if not most, of this information again. This is “THE WHAT”. Start writing questions about “HOW”. If the speaker talks about Booking More Business like Lois Creamer; she will likely tell you that you need to find the economic buyer. But you need more information: Who is the economic buyer at associations vs organizations vs corporations; How do I find them? What should I say when I do find them? How should I engage them?
  • Participate
  • Many speakers run into the same issue over and over again. They ask a question of the audience and people DON’T RESPOND! In my opinion the audience is missing out on an opportunity. When the questions come, ANSWER THEM! Speakers appreciate participation. They want to know that they are providing value and they also want to improve their delivery of information. NOTE: Don’t be the smart ass; don’t try to outsmart the speaker; and don’t try to be the comedian; simply be the active participant in the room that asks questions in which everyone can benefit from the answers.
  • I have heard people say, “I dont want to sound stupid.” I will be stupid today in order to make a million tomorrow.

  • Participate on Steroids
  • Sometimes speakers will give you a chance to get on the Hot Seat. When Ford Saeks asked for someone to get their website evaluated live in front of the entire audience; I jumped at the opportunity. Maybe others were embarrassed by their site or they weren’t ready for the critique (they missed out on step 1); but I was. So of the entire audience; I got a step by step evaluation of my website and what changes needed to be made in order to really take it to the next level. INVALUABLE INFORMATION
  • When Alan Weiss was helping us develop result statements for our clients and asked “What do you do?”, I was the first to answer. He gave me information that changed how I communicate with clients. MORE INVALUABLE INFORMATION
  • When Lois Creamer talked about finding the economic buyer and created a positioning statement; I jumped at the opportunity to learn more. WAY MORE INVALUABLE INFORMATION!
  • Participate in the Association…. YEP! I am a BOARD MEMBER of FSA now. This means that I also get to decide who is going to be speaking to our members. They offer C-Level information and value that has to do with more than being a SPEAKER! It has to do with being a BUSINESS OWNER and EXPERT IN YOUR FIELD! Think about this: You are rubbing elbows with the THOUGHT LEADERS of our TIME! Bruce Turkel talked about Creating an AMAZING BRAND! Alan Weiss talked about how to Increase Value to your Customer and Raise your Rates! Lois Creamer, who will be returning, talks about how to BOOK MORE BUSINESS; Ford Saekstalks about How to Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business.
  • Ask… and you might get some stuff!
  • Once the event is over, ask the speaker if there are any other downloads or information that you can get from their website that will tell you HOW to proceed; most will.
  • Get on their mailing lists, attend their free conference calls; and implement what they have taught you.
  • Return value in kind. If there is something that you can give back; then give it. Give them feedback about your success from their information. Let the world know about it. Whether it is a great article they would like, a blog post talking about how amazing they are, or some referrals to their business; give them freely. They will remember you.
  • Honestly…. Does this need more info! Most people DONTDO THIS! Really???? REALLY???? This is the biggest mistake. Not following up leads to failure. Stop failing!

Not everyone in the audience will love you because “you are participating too much”. Is it your goal to make friends or make millions? So why do I sit in the back? I know that I have a strong personality, so I want to give others a chance; but so many times they don’t participate. They are missing out on their $2 Million worth. The best part is that there are HUNDREDS of people that could have the opportunity to get this information and they don’t even SHOW UP! HA! Their loss… my huge WIN!

So I guess the most important step is to SHOW UP!

How will you get your $2 Million worth?