Goal Setting Again

The only way to make your goals happen is to surround yourself with people and environments that support your dream. Not every climate supports every plant. As we mature into careers, distinctions between people also become more apparent, and you need to find the people to help you grow in the ways you must if you are to reach your goals.

How do you find such people? If you are sincere and hardworking, it will be noticed. And amazing things will occur! You will begin to get noticed, listened to and recommended. And most important, you gain in self-image and self-esteem. You will be empowered.

Volunteer, show up and perform. You will be recognized for what you are–someone on the way up and a winner. To achieve often means trying a little harder. A winner acts to ensure success. A winner takes action.

Close your eyes and try to form a mental image of yourself. Visualize who and what you want to be. Use your imagination. Contrary to what some of our teachers told us, dreaming is not wasted time. It nurtures a constructive plan in place of inactivity. Vivid imagination leads to desire which leads to action and belief.