Have you ever thought about offering in a guarantee? What about 30 days or even one year? You’re probably thinking I’m out of my mind, yet I know people who offer a lifetime guarantee. Most people won’t take you up on your guarantee, but just the fact that you’re offering it means you must think your product or service is fantastic.

Of course, you have to look at what you’re selling and what makes sense (for example, you can’t give a guarantee in a restaurant for one year), but you could guarantee that particular meal.

Dry cleaners, auto repair, mail-order are businesses that come to mind when I think of people who might be fearful or trying something new. These companies are probably just as scared to offer these guarantees to their customers as the customers are of trying the new business, but this is what separates you from everyone else. If you think you provide exceptional service, you should have enough confidence to do this.

From studies that have been done, those organizations that offer guarantees get much more from giving them, than what they have to pay out to dissatisfied customers. Some companies are governed by laws that require the three day waiting period and I know that mail order items require a 30 day money back guarantee, but I’ve been amazed with some of the lifetime guarantees I’ve seen.

In my consulting practice, I often offer one year of free phone consulting to those clients I have developed training and coaching programs for, and I’ve never gotten one phone call. In my speeches, I tell people they can call me for up to six months and I will be glad to answer any question they have on any of the techniques I’ve given. Not one call!

My products are guaranteed as well–no returns. I also guarantee a return of my fee if they aren’t satisfied. Now, that could be good or bad. Maybe I didn’t have an impact or perhaps they didn’t remember anything I said, but I tend to believe that people just don’t take advantage.

Most people are honest and won’t take liberties when they shouldn’t. If you are making a decision between two companies and one offers a guarantee and the other doesn’t, I can tell you that the one who does offer it has an advantage.