Handling Stress and Time

It’s been proven that five minutes of negative thinking takes 24 hours to recover from. However if your laugh, things can change. Healing laughter does a tremendous amount to reduce stress. Remember, it is difficult to have clenched teeth when you smile, and you can’t be tense if your teeth aren’t clenched.

A positive attitude is so necessary. Don’t you know people who when you ask them “How are you?” tell you for thirty minutes. Stress doesn’t come from too many hours of work or not getting what you want. Stress comes from high demands and no control. It’s an important lesson for everyone.

When you have no say in things that are really important to you, and yet you’re required to produce anyway–that’s when frustration starts to build. It increases to the danger zone when you realize you don’t make a difference, when you have a really fantastic idea that isn’t being listened to, and when you’re not considered as an individual.

A burned out employee doesn’t have a happy home life, or a productive life on the job. That’s where assertive management comes in. You need to listen to your people and hear what they’re saying. You must find an outlet for their ideas and suggestions.

When you stop listening and the company doesn’t care, there’s no motivation for the employees. When there is no motivation yet high demands are still called for, stress results.