Having Fun at Work

If your employees were asked, would they say your company is a fun place to
work. I know the idea of having fun while you’re working is foreign to a lot
of people, but I believe every one should enjoy what they’re doing since most
of their day is spent away from home, family and friends. Especially in an
entrepreneurial organization, fun should be part of the formula. That’s one of
the reasons people like to work for small companies.

How do you bring brightness and sunshine into the lives of your people? Are
you always enthusiastic and eager or do you walk through the front door with
a chip already on your shoulders? If you aren’t happy coming to work and it’s
your business, why should I want to come in with a smile? It reminds me of
the story of the mother who goes to her son and tries to get him out of bed
and to school. She tells him all the reasons why he should be going, and he
tells her that everyone dislikes him, gives him a hard time and doesn’t want
to let him enjoy himself. The closing line is……”Why do I have to go?”
She replies, “Because you’re the principal.”

That may be stranger than it sounds. Sometimes we become captive of our own
business, and get so involved in the problem area, we aren’t sure why we got
into business in the first place.

It’s important for us to set the standards. We need to be happy we are there,
and we need to create happy experiences. Have pizza parties, ring bells when
sales are made, celebrate if someone’s son makes the soccer team, empathize
if there’s an illness, and let everyone share in the good things that happen.
It’s up to you to set the tone and make it happen. It should be a pleasure
doing business with you.

I should rave about the people working for you. I should think so much of
what you do and how you do it, I brag to everyone I meet. And I can tell you,
there are very few people and businesses I do that for. What would it take
to create that kind of environment?

Every day is a new adventure and also sone tough new issues. In the rapidly
changing world of today, it isn’t easy keeping up with the new trends and
customer demands, but if you can’t do it, you probably should be re-thinking
how you are “doing” your business.

It doesn’t get any better either. It’s a constant push all the time, but you
have to ask yourself, would I choose to do anything else? If the answer is
no,then you should have fun doing what you do!