How it works

Who guided you in choosing what you’re doing now? A Guru? A Mentor? A Coach?

Mountaintop University is a community that exists somewhere between the formal learning of the classroom, and the place most business people find themselves – wondering if they are on the right path, doing the right things, and whether or not they will achieve their goals.

The path to clarity is not an easy one, and finding the right insight from a trusted coach, mentor, or guru shouldn’t be an additional challenge. We are proud of the human knowledge we assemble each day.

We have thought leaders for business that we call “Gurus” because they share practical knowledge based on proven successes. Why not learn from those who have lived it? We call them GURU because in Giving Understanding, they Receive Understanding too.

Join Our Community:

MountainTop Community

  • Contribute to Online Business Discussions
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Get to know our Gurus as the people behind the knowledge, engage in questioning them, and building a greater community with us.