How NOT to Get Blocked with Your Email Campaigns

Email plays a major part in current Internet marketing. However, email is also one of the trickiest forms of marketing. People have grown super weary of spam in their email box. They will deleteanything they do not recognize or anything that might be spam.

Get Your Email Read

You want to get your email read. You want people to heed your call to action and click-through. Here are a few tricks of the trade on how not to get blocked with your email campaigns:

  • People look at the subject line first. Based on what it says, 70 percent of recipients willdelete the email. You want to be in the 30 percent that is kept. Make your title compelling and not sales-focused in any way. You want them to feel comfortable that your email is not spam.

  • People look at the “From” name next. A company name is much more likely to get deleted as spam than a real name. Use your name or a pseudonym. But, make sure you use it consistently. Changing names every time you send an email will raise suspicions that you are sending spam.
  • Previewing the email text is the third thing recipients do. If your says “Click here to view in HTML,” they will delete it. Plus, it is boring and sounds blah, blah, blah. Yours need to start with something attention grabbing like “A brand new idea was born out of thin air…” That will tweak their interest and make them open the email.

  • The opening paragraph will make or break your message. Keep it short, sweet, and compelling. Tell them what you want to say in three to four sentences maximum. If it holds their interest, they will read further.

  • Keep the body short, less than half a page is preferable. Include bullets to offer concise information in easy to digest bits. Once a person reads your opening paragraph, they will skim the rest of the message. A short message with bullets will keep them reading. A long message with no breaks or white space will get deleted.
  • Do not make your message into a single image, like scanning a flyer and making a jpg. That is the biggest no-no and will get you little to no click-through. In fact, many email programs will automatically put such messages into the spam folder. Your message must include text. You can embed images, but do not make the message into an image. It will get deleted and may get your IP on a banned list for the email service.

Make sure your email has the biggest impact possible. You want people to read your email. Keep it short and sweet. Make sure the subject line grabs attention, send it from a real person, and make your opening paragraph compelling. Provide a concise body with bullets along with a call-to-action. If you do nothing else, never, ever, send out an email that has a single image of your offer.That is how you keep your email marketing efforts on track.