How to Have a Winning Image

Whether you’re a man or woman, image counts. And it’s important to remember
that image is not what you see in the mirror, it’s what others see when they
look at you and usually in the first 30 seconds as I said above. First
impressions are important, and that’s the reason you should give primary
consideration to the way you dress.

The same rules apply for both men and women regarding color, line etc. Women
who want to be perceived as upwardly mobile, should wear classic dresses or
suits and men should wear dark suits with some concession to climate.

For both men and women, a diagonal line is the best line to wear. Women find
this in jacket cuts, men often in ties. The most important “no-no” for men is
to avoid combining checks and prints at one time.

In surveys, done using photographs of the same person in various attire, the
subjects were typified as being blue-collar or white collar, executive or not,
based merely on the clothing they wore. Know this and use the knowledge to
build your wardrobe.

If you really want to make an impact, you need to dress for the occasion. If
you want to know what the occasion calls for, look to the powerful people who
usually attend. It’s not only important to dress well, but it’s essentially
important to be noticed and that means in a quiet, non-conspicuous way.

Of course, various industries have standards that may be conservative or
elaborate. Corporate lawyers, Hollywood producers, ad execs and creative types
all dress differently. Don’t be the oddball and take the chance of not being