How to Make an Entrance

Walking, sitting and standing are not easy to do if you know everyone is watching you, so practice all of these basics. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and pause 30 seconds before you enter a room where you plan to do any business.

Study the room and how you’ll negotiate it. Don’t sit where it will be difficult for you to get up. Make eye contact which is one of the most assertive things you can do, As difficult as it might be, you need to develop some mastery of small talk.

Of course, nothing matters if you don’t have the proper attitude, enthusiasm and personality. Someone with an outstanding personality can make everyone around them feel good whether s/he is wearing the right clothes or not.

How can you nurture this attitude? First, by liking yourself, and making time for yourself, to restore and recharge and improve yourself. You need time to read, shop, think, watch sports, listen to music or do whatever it is that periodically takes you out of yourself.

It’s also hard to have a good self-image if you’re drastically out of shape. Your attitude will improve with effort , so long as you don’t get too unrealistic about it. Unfair as it may seem, people assign attitudes to you which may or may not be true based on nothing more than appearance.

Make sure those attitudes are ones you want associated with your name. If not, change your image. Successful people come in all sizes and shapes. Trade your self-consciousness in for assertiveness. Being assertive does not mean stepping on others to get your own way. It means you take charge of your life and avoid having others make important decisions for you.

Free yourself from self-consciousness by honestly evaluating your skills. Don’t overrate nor underrate your skills. One of those assets is your appearance. Maximize it by looking and acting confident.

When you look your best, you do your best.