How to set realistic deadlines and stick to them

Learn to set realistic deadlines and honor them. Every project or task needs
to have one. It gives you a framework in which to work. It also allows you to
budget the time in small increments to reach that deadline.

The average administrator is interrupted every six minutes. Therefore it’s

important to divide projects into five, ten and fifteen minute segments. It
relieves procrastination, and will create more productivity. If you find yourself
overloaded continually, you have three basic choices: delegate, come in early,
leave late and skip lunch, or change your priorities from A to B.

There are no other ways. You must make a value choice as to what works for you.
Most time management gurus tell you to touch a piece of paper only once. I don’t believe that can happen. But I do believe a decision can be made on every piece of paper that comes into your life. Don’t put it to one side or it will be the first if a pile, and before you know it, it will have grown and taken over.

Your paper goes to three places: the trash, a file or you route it to someone
else. It should never create a new, visible distraction. 90% of all paper is
never referred to again. It may need to be stored for legal or record-keeping
processes, but it should be out of the way.

One piece of paper your don’t want to file away is your goal statement. Everyone needs written goals and having them run around in your head with no plan of action will do you no good.

More on this next week.